27 September 2020,   05:30
United Opposition Plans - Grigol Vashadze and Opposition Leaders Expect Supporters at Great Concert Hall at 18:00

What are the plans of the United Opposition - Grigol Vashadze and opposition leaders expect their voters, supporters and activists at the big concert hall at 18:00 today. The opponents of the government are waiting for the CEC to announce final results and are going to defend all their votes. Consultations with the parties that are not in the united opposition are planned. The purpose of the meeting is the necessity of the united decision of the opposition and the yesterday"s elections are described as terror and special operation.

"We will have a meeting with our supporters who have a lot of question marks. We will discuss the action plan. Most importantly, we will summarize the precinct data before we summarize all that happened in terms of elections and it is also very important that we will have consultations with other political forces who are not in the united opposition to know their opinions and will finally introduce our action plan to the whole of Georgia, "- Giorgi Vashadze said.
Tina Bokuchava, secretary of the National Movement faction, said that decisions should be the result of broad consultations.
"What happened today is not normal elections, and in general, we can not call it elections. It was terror, special operation, "- said Tina Bokuchava.
Elections were held in total criminal terror - the statement was made by Nikoloz Vashakidze, founder of the public movement "New Unity Georgia". According to him, discussion with the voters is necessary.
Chairperson of the political movement "People"s People" Nika Machutze calls elections the criminal processes.