27 November 2020,   09:40
TBC Bank Case and threat of Interior Minister - "European Georgia" Requests to Set up an Investigative Commission in Parliament

TBC Bank Case and Scandalous Statements of Founders. "European Georgia" demands to establish a temporary investigative commission in the Parliament for the purpose of studying the developments. The members of the party are going to collect the necessary signatures for setting up commission.
Mamuka Khazaradze has already expressed readiness to cooperate with the Investigative Commission and publicize the threatening letter sent by the Interior Minister to him.
"This is a case of high interest where the Parliament is obliged to react and create an investigative commission. Moreover, Mr. Khazaradze stated that he will be ready to submit all the documents to the Commission. Therefore, we will formally initiate this issue, we will collect the signatures of lawmakers who agree to create such a commission, "- Davit Bakradze said.
The"National Movement" responds to the initiative of "European Georgia". The party thinks that in the current situation effective steps are to be taken, the creation of the Commission will further delay the processes.
"An investigative commission may be created, but as we have seen in other cases, it has no effect. Because the majority and the authorities do not have any political will to react to the results of the investigative commission, " -said Salome Samadashvili.
The idea of creation of the Commission is not shared by the parliamentary majority. The ruling team is waiting for the completion of the investigation on the TBC Bank case.