27 November 2020,   10:48
There maybe a minority and a majority that are fighting against each other but are loyal to Ivanishvili - Roman Gotsiridze

The parliamentary opposition does not rule out that lawmakers from the parliamentary majority will form a parliamentary minority.
According to one of the leaders of the National Movement Roman Gotsiridze, it is possible that the former teammates who opposed the majority will form a parliamentary minority, but Gotsiridze said that both teams will be loyal to Bidzina Ivanishvili.
After the parliamentary majority left the parliamentary majority, the "European Georgia" lost the status of the parliamentary minority.According to the Rules of Procedure, the parliamentary minority is formed in the case if more than half of the majority deputies are in the minority. At this time, the European Parliament has 20 MPs. Because 21 MPs remain outside the parliamentary minority and majority, the minority is broken.