25 November 2020,   18:53
When some events coincide with such episodes, it creates a feeling of injustice - Beselia on TBC

MPs, who have left the Parliamentary majority comment on the scandalous statements, made by Mamuka Khazaradze , who accused Giorgi Gakharia of threatening him.

According to Eka Beselia, Khazaradze"s allegations should not remain without reaction. The MP also responds to the opposition"s demand. It is about the creation of a temporary investigative commission regarding the case of TBC Bank. Eka Beselia says that the creation of the commission will be supported if the Prosecutor"s Office is not able to answer all questions regarding the case.

The MP says that there are serious question marks around the "TBC Bank" that should not remain without response.

Another MP who has left the parliamentary majority requires to answer timely all questions. Levan Gogichaishvili draws attention to the necessity of the Minister of Internal Affairs" arrival to Parliament." There are many questions, which should be answered," said Gogichaishvili.