30 November 2020,   15:56
"Mamuka Khazaradze has presented a letter, which could have been compiled by any person" - Prosecutor

“Mamuka Khazaradze brought a printed letter, which did not have any identification sign. Any person could make it up”, - Prosecutor Archil Tkeshelashvili told journalists after the completion of the questioning of Mamuka Khazaradze.
According to him, the founder of TBC Bank did not name the mediator during the interview at the City Court, who as he said had delivered the letter.Whether the Minister of Internal Affairs will be summoned to the interrogation regarding the allegations that Kharatadze voiced in his address, the prosecutor did not comment.
"There was no identifying mark on the letter . In addition, as Mamuka Khazaradze explained, this letter was sent to him by a mediator. When we ask the mediator`s name, he does not name the mediator, "- the prosecutor said.
The scandalous statement was made by Mamuka Khazaradze yesterday at the committee hearing. He said that before the second round of the presidential election, the minister of internal affairs Giorgi Gakharia wrote a threatening letter.According to the founder of TBC Bank, the Minister of Internal Affairs demanded to fulfill certain conditions from him, otherwise threatened with the destruction of reputation with international and Georgian partners.According to Mr. Khazaradze, neither he nor his partners have fulfilled their requirements and will not perform them in the future.