30 November 2020,   15:07
TBC Bank Case, Elite Corruption and Attempt of State Capture- Acute Questions from European Parliament to Prime Minister

The TBC Bank"s case and attempt of state capture were the topics of questions put to the government officials in Brussels.
The fifth meeting of the EU and Georgia Association Council is held behind closed doors in Brussels.
According to Courier, along with recent developments in Georgia, the judicial reform was among the issues discussed as well as the obligation to retain a visa free regime.
Speaking to Courier, the EU ambassador in Georgia confirms that behind the closed door the discussion touched upon the court reform, as well as the OSCE report concerning the parliamentary elections and visa-free travel.
Shortly afterwards, a joint briefing of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini and Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze is scheduled to be held.
According to Courier, EU senior officials are aware of TBC Bank"s case, as the European Reconstruction and Development Bank is the shareholder of TBC and Anaklia project investor.
The trusted source informs that NGOs sent a letter from Tbilisi to Brussels, where the civil sector informs the EU about corruption in Georgia and the attempt of state capture.
As it is known, after the meeting, Georgian Prime Minister will not make comment for Georgian journalists and he will travel to Georgia.
It is not clear whether Mamuka Bakhtadze will answer the questions of journalists at the joint briefing.