27 November 2020,   10:33
A copy of the scandalous letter is in the court, and the original copy is in London or expertise - Khazaradze gave testimony

Mamuka Khazaradze came to the court instead of the Prosecutor"s Office to give testimony against Giorgi Gakharia. The main evidence - the copy of the threatening letter was handed over by the bank"s founder to the judge.
Khazaradze"s did not read the letter before the cameras, but he once again confirmed that the Interior Minister threatened him before the presidential election.
The scandalous original letter was sent to London for expertise. Prior to the examination, the Prosecutor"s Office has already questioned the authenticity of the message.
The Prosecutor"s Office has not answered today whether Giorgi Gakharia will be questioned.
In the parliament, the minority has already begun to create an investigative commission on the case of TBC bank and Anaklia port. The opposition is gathering necessary votes in the parliament.The creation of a parliamentary investigative commission will be supported by the National Movement, but it is explicitly said that setting up the commission is not enough in this scandalous case.
The opposition party is demanding the resignation of the interior minister and the investigation into the allegations against him.
The leaders of the ruling party demanded the publication of a scandalous letter. Otherwise they do not see the sense in creating a parliamentary investigative commission.The debate was held in the Parliamentary Session Hall on the scandalous case of TBC Bank.
Koba Gvenetadze, the president of the National Bank, will be expected next week on TBC Bank"s case in the legislature.