13 June 2021,   22:27
"We have a president who is a product of illegitimate elections, "-UNM boycotts Zourabichvili"s speech in parliament

Salome Zourabichvili"s first appeal to the parliament as a president. The President of Georgia is expected at 12:00 in the legislative body. According to the new regulations, after the President"s report, the tribunes should be given to the opposition factions before the majority but the UNM declares boycott to today"s plenary session. Whether the"European Georgia" attends the session will be known today. As to the representatives of the "Georgian Dream" - they will ask the President questions about her foreign visits. Prime Minister along with other government officials will attend the report of Salome Zourabichvili.
"This boycott is related to falsification of elections, violence and bribery, we will not attend the report of Ms. Salome today and this protest will indicate that there was no fair election in Georgia and we have a president who is a product of illegitimate elections," said Roman Gotsiridze.