11 July 2020,   22:32
"Slaves of the Government" - "Girch" Slams Georgian Businessmen and Calls for TBC Bank Support

The "Girchi" addresses Georgian businessmen and strictly criticizes them for silence - they regard this action or inaction as a testimony to the political motives of the party around the processes against the founders of TBC.
"Girchi" calls on the founders of TBC to speak loudly about the case details.
"The case is political, I do not think that sane people believe that the Prosecutor"s Office operates independently and investigates some case 11 years ago when there is no victim and there is no applicant in this case.Our claim is towards the so-called Georgian business faces that often can be seen in TV speaking on behalf of the Georgian business. They are actually the government"s slaves, actually this is their natural behavior, it is wrong, "said Zurab Japaridze.