31 July 2021,   07:46
Free business and media are under attack - opposition speaks about scandalous letter

Illustration of how the government is trying to control and capture televisions, the scandalous message is being discussed by politicians. The situation is assessed by the opposition as alarming and they say that the fact should be studied by the international organization and local NGOs.
The Georgian Dream categorically rules out attacks on the media and speak about blackmail. The threatening letter allegedly sent by Giorgi Gakharia to Mamuka Khazaradze mentions three points , which should have been fulfilled unconditionally - two of them are related to the media.
"People participating in the financial machinations and other various people have a desire to raise the issue of media control subject. This is scandalous blackmail to show directly or indirectly that there are TV station are under government`s influence. This is a versatile multi-purpose direction blackmail, "- says Gia Volsky.
One of the leaders of "European Georgia" Otar Kakhidze recalls the example of "Rustavi 2" and says that the government has not attacked the TV "Pirveli" for the first time.
."Rustavi 2" is cited by Zaal Udumashvili, member of the "National Movement" as an example, that free business and free media in the country are under attack.
"Today it is officially confirmed that not only TBC and free business have been attacked but also under attack is the free media and in this case " TV Pirveli, "-said Zaal Udumashvili.