27 October 2020,   08:13
Rustavi 2"s story was a show - Anri Okhanashvili does not have information about a cyber attack on TBC

Ani Okhanashvili, a Chairman of the Legal Issues Committee of the Parliament does not have information about the Cyber arrack, which has been carried out on TBC Bank.

The MP from a ruling party says he does not know whether the investigative actions should be held in connection with this case.

"I"ve learned about it from your story. I believe that Rustavi2"s story was a show... However, the investigative body has competences to evaluate and discuss the initiative of the investigation, this is their competence and MPs cannot replace the Prosecutor,"- Okhanashvili says.

Mamuka Khazaradze has made a statement about the cyber attack on TBC Bank. According to him, an orchestrated attack on the bank was carried out, which was not investigated by the investigative agency.