25 October 2020,   08:28
"European Georgia" demands to create an investigative commission on TBC case

"European Georgia" will raise the issue of creation of a temporary investigative commission on TBC case at the bureau sitting.

According to the opposition party, the commission should determine details regarding the threatening letter.

According to the members of "European Georgia", it is also necessary to investigate the future of Anaklia project as well.

" We face signs of systemic crime committed by the state and many agencies are involved in it. This is actually an orchestrated attack on financial institutions," Sergo Ratiani said.

"United National Movement" supports the creation of an investigative commission. Roman Gotsiridze states that blackmailing businessmen is unacceptable.

The parliamentary majority is against the creation of an investigative commission. Representatives of Georgian Dream state that the Prosecutor"s Office should answer the questions regarding the case and the issue of establishing an investigative commission may be raised only after that.

"I do not see yet that particular result that we have achieved, the investigation is not completed, on which the investigative commission should start to work,"- said Kakha Kuchava.