25 October 2020,   09:47
Koba Narchemashvili officially leaves the parliamentary majority

Koba Narchemashvili has left the parliamentary majority. According to the MP, he does not intend to cooperate with any political union at this stage and will continue working in the parliament as a majoritarian MP.
"I have left the majority, but at this stage I do not join any political force, because I am a majoritarian, it would be more convenient for me at this stage to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations I have before the population - so I can continue working in an independent mode and then I will see. I still think that it is premature for me to make some re -grouping. There is a feeling in the society that the third power is needed , but I still believe that everything depends on who will be able to offer it to the population, "- Koba Narchemashvili said.