17 January 2021,   10:03
Army is returning to the model that is characteristic of the Soviet-type totalitarian state - experts

Defense experts are talking about systemic problems in the country"s security system. Experts are talking about the scandal of the Defense Ministry, where the facts of money extortion and physical abuse have increased and say that instead of development, the return of the forgotten "Dedovshchina" is the indicator of the crisis in the security sector.
"All of this demonstrates that the system is virtually erased. It has long been known that the army is not a priority for the country, "said Nodar Kharshiladze, the founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC).
Analysts say that the solution out of the existing problem is probably a complete cleaning of the structure.
Vice-president of the Atlantic Council Batu Kutelia says that the security system resembles a model of Soviet-type law enforcement agencies.