22 January 2021,   16:06
I do not agree with you that foreign policy is deadlocked with regard to Russia and Euro-Atlantic integration - Davit Zalkaliani

Minister of Foreign Affairs Davit Zalkaliani answered the MPs" acute questions. Zalkaliani had to respond to the situation in the occupied territories and the steps taken by the government, as well as future plans.However, the criticism of the opponents of the government, who noted that foreign policy is deadlocked at all levels was unacceptable for Davit Zalkaliani.
"Let me not agree with you that our foreign policy is deadlocked in terms of Russian and Euro-Atlantic integration. How can we talk about the deadlock in terms of Euro-Atlantic integration when we have such a successful relationship with the EU.
"What do you think we are not concerned with the murder of Georgians, and we do not provide information to the international community? I should be responsible for my children and grandchildren, In 2008, when the war was over with Russia, why did not you get sanctions against Russia? "- the minister said.