25 October 2020,   09:43
NATO Secretary General"s visit to Georgia and the main message - NATO door is open to Georgia

NATO Secretary General"s one-day visit to Georgia has been completed. Jens Stoltenberg held official meetings with the President of Georgia, the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Parliament. He once again pointed out that NATO"s door is open for Georgia and the process of accession of the country can not be hindered by Russia.Another issue on which NATO Secretary General spoke about was the Black Sea and the North Atlantic Alliance"s interests.
According to Stoltenberg, after the annexation of Crimea and Russia"s aggressive actions, the Black Sea is in NATO priorities.The NATO Secretary General also visited the NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Assessment Center and attended joint unprecedented exercises with the participation of NATO member and partner countries. NATO Secretary General thanked Georgian soldiers for their contribution to international missions.