08 August 2020,   12:07
I feel insulted when talking about the instructions - Nino Tsilosani speaks about SMS sent to Beselia

Nino Tsilosani made a statement regarding the notification sent by Mamuka Mdinaradze to Eka Beselia. The member of the ruling team confirmed that the addressee of the message of the chairman of the faction "Georgian Dream"was actually Nino Tsilosani, but it was sent by mistake to the former teammate.
According to Tsilosani, the message was a collection of statements, which was already voiced by the leaders of the parliamentary majority.
MP Eka Beselia responded to the statement, in which former member of the " Dream" said that the SMS message included the tasks to be executed for the representatives of the ruling team.
According to Nino Tsilosani, she is feeling insulted when talking to the instructions.
" It is clear that in this regard we are talking about the fact that these were messages. Neither does it coincide with the messages made by Irakli Kobakhidze in the morning and then the messages sent by Mamuka at 4 o"clock. I feel insulted when talking about the instructions, "said Nino Tsilosani.