20 January 2021,   05:03
Karsi-Akhalkalaki Railway project and ignored Georgia - Economics Minister gives explanations

Kars-Akhalkalaki Railway project and ignored Georgia - the Economy Minister makes the first comments.The case concerns the memorandum signed in Ankara. Representative from Georgia were not present at the signing ceremony. Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan transport ministers signed a Memorandum of Understanding but no one from Tbilisi was present at the meeting.
According to the Minister of Economy of Georgia, Natia Turnava, Georgia will not be out of this project because as she said the cargo should pass through the territory of the state.
"We can not get out of the game in the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars project for a very simple reason, because this is a project that has been approved by the three countries ... When we talk about the cargoes going on the territory of Georgia, we have the infrastructure for it, more than 70 percent of this project Is executed, "- says Turnava.
An agreement signed in Ankara will use the territory of Georgia as a transit corridor. Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze asserts that this was a different meeting and Georgia should not be there.