21 October 2020,   09:25
Such kind of public meetings are not required - ruling team will not meet with Giorgi Kobulia

Do not dramatize the issue - say in the parliamentary majority and say that they have not invited former minister of economy to the parliament.
According to them, Giorgi Kobulia received an invitation from the former members of the parliamentary majority and this is not an official meeting.The ruling party MPs are not going to attend the meeting and say they already have the necessary information.
"We have not invited him, we invite active ministers and talk to them about any topic of interest.
"The former members of the majority have invited the former minister of economy, but this can not be an official meeting, but naturally, a member of Parliament has the right to talk to any person.
"If we have any questions in the majority we asking these questions in the majority, we do not need such kind of public meetings, we have the information that others need," said Vice-Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili.
The chairman of the Legal Issues Committee says that the governmental team has already made concrete explanations about Giorgi Kobulia"s resignation, which is quite sufficient. According to Okhanashvili, the dramatization of the process should not happen, as there is nothing unusual in the replacement of ministers.