19 May 2022,   07:00
Teachers in Kortskheli are forced to write "I love Georgia" or their own initials on ballot papers

Coordinators of the ruling party in the village of Kortskheli, Zugdidi Municipality forced the teachers and kindergarten employees to write their own initials on the ballot papers. Information about the new wave of pressure on teachers was spread by the son of Ia Kerzaya, the deceased director of the school # 6 in Zugdidi.
According to Bachana Shengelia, the teachers from Kortskheli village contacted him. According to Ia Kerzaya"s son, they told him that the village governor, Merab Tordia, asked them to write on the back of the bulletin "I love Georgia." According to them, if the "Georgian Dream" does not trust a teacher, he or she should write their initials on the ballot paper.
The mayor of Kortskheli, who is accused of putting pressure, became very aggressive when seeing the camera of "Courier". He denied the fact of terror.
"Your television is spreading misinformation. I did not have a meeting with the teachers . Show me one teacher who says this about me. Sandra Roelofs will not be the Mayor of Zugdidi. You are Misha Saakashvili"s pocket journalists "- Merab Tordia addressed the" Courier "journalist.