14 August 2020,   23:42
Bribery of Voters, Illegal Use of List - Ombudsman says Political Officials Encourage Violations

Illegally obtained voters` personal data, bribing and illegal use of voters list - The Public Defender speaks about the problems revealed in all the recent elections.
According to Nino Lomjaria, although everyone knows about these facts, no one has ever been punished.According to her, violations of the electoral code are often encouraged by high-ranking officials.
"We are constantly talking about the bribery of the voters, that the money is paid out, although it seems that everyone knows about these facts and there is some evidence, unfortunately, for years nobody has been punished.The second is the control of the expression of the voter"s will, which is carried out by different methods, including the control of the voter"s announcement by the coordinators, and the misuse of the voters` list and high-ranking officials, encourage this practice. I think this is really a violation of the law requirements, "said Nino Lomjaria.