11 August 2020,   11:21
"Today I"m involved in the party work in" Georgian Dream "- interview with Soso Gogashvili

"Today I"m involved in the party work in the Georgian Dream" - said the former high-ranking official of the State Security Service in an interview to Saturday"s Courier.
Soso Gogashvili talked about his current activities in an interview with Saturday Courier. According to him, he is heading a body that inspects party workers the Georgian Dream.
"There is no punitive division which will reveal and punish people. Usually, as in every part of the party, we are also have this. This service was not created after my move there. The service existed there and I joined this service. I moved there, in fact, I returned to where I started from. This organization is an organization where I started to get involved in the politics and joined the party.It does not matter to me, where I will be with the team, "Soso Gogashvili said.
Gogashvili talked about the reasons for leaving the state security service in an interview with Saturday Courier.He said that the team discussed the need to strengthen party directions.
According to Soso Gogashvili, nobody told him to leave the State Security Service. According to him, some stage ends and the other begins. He does not seem to be surprised that one person goes to the law enforcement agency or vice versa in the party.
"There is the beginning of something and the end of something.The team was talking about the need for strengthening the party"s direction in the period of time when the party was left by some people.There was no turbulence in the party. I can not see anything strange if people move in different directions, "Gogashvili said. He also noted that Eka Beselia took the decision to leave the ruling team herself.
The former senior official spoke about his functions during the elections. According to him, he was not responsible for money issues in the election. Gogashvili called this information "defamation". According to him, money was donated to the party, which is being spent and declared openly. According to him, other funds do not rotate in the party except for donations.
"In the last elections I was doing what I was doing at the last election. The party structure is created inside which does not work only in case of election campaign, it is constantly working there and this service is permanent ", Gogashvili said