25 June 2022,   11:58
11th day of hunger strike - Despite the difficult situation, the Economy Minister does not see the necessity to meet miners

In Chiatura, miners" strike has continued for 11 days. The agreement between the representatives of "Georgian Manganese" and the miners cannot be reached. Workers continue the hunger strike. Nevertheless, the Economy Minister does not see the need to go to Chiatura and meet miners.
Natia Turvanava believes that the negotiating resource for the parties has not yet been exhausted.
"We are looking forward to learning that the company has some suggestions and the main thing is that both sides will be able to communicate. Communication, negotiation does not have an alternative. If necessary, of course, we will go to the site, but we think and have an indication that the company will give a decent offer to miners, "said the minister.
The meeting between the miners and the representatives of "Georgian Manganese" ended with no results yesterday. The parties failed to reach an agreement and the miners left the meeting and demanded the company to leave Chiatura. Turnava thinks that the company will offer miners a worthy proposal.