25 January 2022,   23:07
Violates diplomatic etiquette, it is categorically unacceptable to make such statements for the Ambassador - Volsky criticizes the Austrian ambassador

Members of the ruling team blame the Austrian Ambassador in the gross violation of diplomatic norms. The case concerns a noisy interview with the Austrian ambassador, who gave it "Forbes Week". According to the Ambassador, there is a shortage of decision makers in Georgia.
Leaders of the Georgian Dream disliked the etiquette of the European diplomat and advised him to look into international surveys.Deputy Chairman of Parliament of Georgia, Faction "Georgian Dream" member Giorgi Volski says that it is categorically unacceptable to make such statements by the ambassador.
"All the announcements, especially the Ambassador"s, are worthy of attention. First of all, it seriously violates the diplomatic etiquette, making such announcements by the ambassador is categorically unacceptable. If there is any misconception that is characteristic of the European countries, the United States, Georgia, the government should take urgent measures, "Giorgi Volski said.