06 August 2020,   02:37
The evidence was obtained in 2017-2018, and today it is not valid - Kalandia"s lawyer

The court will have to decide on the preventive measure for Mikheil Kalandia today - the Prosecutor"s Office requests the imprisonment of the accused. The detainee is accused of murdering Davit Saralidze in aggravating circumstances. Following the arrest of Mikheil Kalandia, his family violated the longtime silence and started to list all the deals that were made by the senior officials after the murder of two teenagers. The Kalandias are demanding the detention of all senior officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor"s Office, who forced the teenager to give the desired testimony.
"Evidence was obtained during the investigation of 2017 and 2018, and now these pieces of evidence are not valid," said Kalanda"s lawyer Ana Kotetishvili.