06 August 2020,   02:41
We encourage you to strengthen your involvement in ensuring peace and normal lives of people, - Gigi Tsereteli addresses the NATO Assembly

President of the Parliamentary Assembly of Security and Cooperation in Europe, Gigi Tsereteli, Chairman of the European Faction, addressed participants of the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Bratislava. He called on the members of the organization for more efforts to resolve the conflicts in the OSCE space.
"Georgia and Ukraine are an integral part of our organization the OSCE and their concerns are the main topics of our discussion and their desire to join NATO is a souvenir right that needs respect and support. In my own country, people in Georgia continue to live with the fear of kidnapping, detention and death near the occupation line. Today I encourage you to continue and strengthen your involvement to ensure peace and normal lives for people, "Tsereteli said