12 August 2020,   14:23
According to Kobakhidze,2020 elections will not be held by proportional system

The Chairperson of the Parliament has responded to the opposition`s demand that the parliamentary elections be held by the proportional system in 2020.
According to Irakli Kobakhidze, the electoral system will not change in the upcoming elections. According to the chairman of the legislative body, the opponents were offered twice the proportional system, but they refused and now an attempt to initiate a new discussion on this topic is groundless.
"Two times we proposed in 2020 the launch of the proportional system and twice were refused. In such a time, the start of the new process is natural. They have to take responsibility for what we have done during these years. They shut their own discussions and the new attempt to open discussion is baseless ", - stated Irakli Kobakhidze.
Up to 20 opposition parties have collected up to half a million signatures. The initiative, which envisages transition to the proportional electoral system for the 2020 elections, must enter the parliament until 15 June.