27 January 2022,   19:19
300 thousand signatures have been collected - the opposition demands the abolition of the majoritarian system

The signatures for the change of the electoral system are collected. With the support of 300 thousand citizens, the opposition will appeal to the Parliament with the request to abolish the majoritarian system.

By these signatures the opposition demands a constitutional amendment. They demand to hold elections with a proportional system by 2020 and not 2024, as the "Georgian Dream" plans.

Opponents of the ruling team have once again gathered and demanded the ruling party to start procedures but "Georgian Dream" states that they do not expect official request. Irakli Kobakhidze said that there will be no amendmets.

The current chairperson of the parliament has reminded the members of his team that the power is not eternal and everyone, who goes against people, has the same ending.

The opposition plans to start procedures for the constitutional amendment despite the government"s preliminary dispose.