19 January 2022,   08:06
According to the data of 17:00, voter turnout is 32.5% - the CEC

According to the data of 17:00, voter turnout is 32.5% - the CEC
The Central Election Commission published the data available by 17:00. According to the CEC spokesperson Ana Mikeladze, the turnout is 32.5%, which exceeds the first round of the mid-term elections.
14 278 voters, accounting for 32,5% of all registered voters, cast ballot in the second round of by-elections in Mtatsmnida constituency by 5:00 pm, Ana Mikeladze, the spokesperson of the Central Election Commission (CEC), said at a briefing.
The CEC said the voter turnout was 26,6% by 5:00 pm in the first round of the elections in the same constituency.
According to the CEC spokesperson, the election process is going on in all the polling stations in a calm environment.
"It should be noted that during the whole day, the polling process in the polling stations was conducted quietly.
The information is spread about the accounting outside the precincts; we emphasize that the Commission does not control the outside of the polling station. The voter registration is not prohibited by the legislation, but this process must be conducted so that the principle of free expression of the will of the voter should be protected, "said Ana Mikeladze.
"As for the information about complaints, two complains have been submitted to the District Election Commission. One – by the “Young Lawyers’ Association and another - by the "Law Enforcement Protection League". The complaint refers to the procession of personal data by an unauthorized person at # 17 polling station," Ana Mikeladze said.