28 January 2022,   22:46
Fourth wave of the court reform - Parliament starts committee discussions

The draft law on the so-called Fourth Wave of Judicial Reform was registered at the Bureau sitting in Parliament. According to the parliamentary majority, the amendments prepared based on consensus will ensure the staffing of the High Council of Justice and the School of Justice.
The opposition claims the opposite. Opponents of the government are convinced that this part of the reform is tailored in the interests of the so-called clan.
"The existence of the clan is not exhausted but is becoming stronger, and these clans promote the strengthening of Ivanishvili"s regime. This system is to be dismantled, the laws are to be revised. In this way, it is impossible to improve the judicial system, "said Roman Gotsiridze, a member of the UNM.
The opposition does not intend to support the bill.
"In fact, the system does not change, we have cosmetic changes that cannot really improve the difficult situation we have in the judiciary. It needs basic reform, fundamental changes, the dismissal of today"s composition of justice, granting real independence to the court and exemption from Ivanishvili and general political influence, "said Otar Kakhidze, member of" European Georgia ".
Eka Beselia, a former MP from the ruling party, speaks about the need to completely change the composition of the Council of Justice. She says that the judges" lifetime appointment should be suspended. According to Beselia, the society will not be able to reach a fair trial - for which it has been fighting for many years already.
The discussion of the draft law on the so-called fourth wave of judicial reform will now begin in committees.