07 August 2020,   08:56
This is the shame of our government - the opposition and the civil society are meeting Russian lawmakers with a protest demonstartion

The Russian MPs are met with special honor by the Government and a protest rally by the opposition. The members of the "European Georgia" and "National Movement" came to protest posters to Avlabari Palace. According to the opposition, the Government should not have allowed entering the country the MPs, who are distinguished with anti-Georgian sentiments and may have violated the anti-occupation law.
"What is happening in Georgia today, this is the shame of our government. If we did not have a shameless government today, Gavrilov would not have been an honorary guest of this forum. This is the person who recognizes the independence of Abkhazia and Samachablo and advises the Georgian population to accept this reality. This person should not be an honorable guest, this person should be in the top ten in the list of Georgia"s enemies, "said Zaal Udumashvili, a member of the National Movement.
According to the opponents of the authorities, the government does not care for the country and its territorial integrity, otherwise, the occupant country delegation members would not be accepted as an honorary guest.
The 4-day conference of Orthodox countries will be opened today and the sessions of the Assembly will be held in the president"s palace.Georgia treats with special honors Russian MPs who are Putin"s allies and participants of Georgia`s occupation. "Georgian Dream" government has provided state protection to Sergei Gavrilov, who fought against the Georgians in Abkhazia.