02 December 2020,   13:18
"Organizers will have to apology to the society ,explain why and how it happened" - Kakha Kaladze

Sergey Gavrilov"s report to the parliament - A General Secretary of "Georgian Dream" says that the organizers of the Assembly should apologize. Kakha Kaladze made statement at a special briefing.

The briefing was held in the office of "Georgian Dream". Kaladze also said that after developments in the parliament, the Assembly will not continue.

"Russian delegation will leave Georgia. Naturally the conference can nit continue in such form. We are decent members of the Orthodox world for 17 centuries already and we use all platforms to protect our interests .

It was inadmissible and incorrect to hold the sitting in the Parliament of Georgia, headed by the member of Russian delegate .

We have a full consensus regarding the incident in our team. We should not allow the enemy to use this situation.

The organizers will have to apology to society, explain everything .

Irakli is not in Georgia and when he returns, he will explain everything. Zakaria Kutsnasqhvili, who was the organizer will explain everything as well,"- said Kaladze.