02 December 2021,   11:52
240 Citizens , attacked by law enforcements were hospitalized. Two of them lost eyes


Bloody June 20 will enter into history as unprecedented protests of the population, which was opposed by the government with brutal and excessive force.

240 injured are hospitalized. The number of injuries is much higher.

18-year-old girl, who was protesting against Russian occupation got a bullet in the eye. Doctors could not help and save her eye.

Nearly ten people were shot in the eye, nearly hundred participants received a rubber bullet in head.

Giorgi Sulashvili, the employee of Rustavi 2 lost his eye as well.

25-year-old actor Dimitri Nakopia was at the rally. An IDP from Abkhazia came to fight against occupatio. The bullet hit the left eye area, which led to three serious operations.

A health ccondition of one of the participants of the demonstration in Aladashvili clinic is critical. He has already undergone a neurosurgical surgery and is still in a comatose condition, although his identity is unknown.

As it turns out, the police did not use only rubber bullets against protesters. Sopho Chedia, a radiologist at "New Hospital", released a photo of one of the patients, saying that the bullet that hit the head is not the rubber but the contains metal .

Rustavi2"s journalist underwent an operation as well. She was injured during the live broadcast in shoulder and head.