07 August 2020,   14:02
"Melia has not fired at these children, Gakharia is responsible for it and he should definitely resign" - Nino Goguadze

The seventh day of protest - the rally was resumed in front of the parliament. The requirements remain unchanged. Giorgi Gakharia"s resignation remains the main demand.
Politicians are also on the rally. They react to the decision recently passed by the legislature regarding suspension of Nika Melia`s immunity.
Leader of "Free Democrats" Nino Goguadze says that today the parliament passed a shameful decision.
"This rally is called shame. The present Parliament was the shameful parliament. It was a parliament where no one had a basic sense of dignity. There is no elementary sense of justice, no self-respect, no self-survival sense, "said Nino Goguadze.
According to her, Giorgi Gakharia will have to take responsibility for the events of June 20.
"We all know that Melia has not fired at these children, and we all know that Gakharia is officially responsible for it and he will definitely have to resign," said Nino Goguadze.