27 January 2022,   23:37
We have a toxic neighbor, we should try to avoid it as much as possible - economist Lasha Gotsiridze

Economist Lasha Gotsiridze imposes the full responsibility for the impairment of Lari on the National Bank.
Gotsiridze explains that the NBG is noticed in such actions as stopping the strengthening of lari by purchasing reserves.
"First of all, we should listen to the position of the NBG, why we are doing so, we have already observed that after the lari starts to strengthen, the process of strengthening is suspended by the purchase of reserves by the National Bank which has already been observed for several times," said Lasha Gotsiridze .
Besides, Gotsiridze says that the so-called tourism embargo imposed by Russia will have an impact on GEL depreciation.
"As a result of the sanctions announced by Russia, the impairment expectations emerged naturally and it was reflected on the lari, impairment has reached the peak and then stabilized. The main thing is, we all saw that we have a very toxic neighbor and we should try to learn to avoid doing business with this toxic neighbor, "said the economist.