18 August 2022,   11:17
Zero Threshold Proportional System - "Georgian Dream" Launches Project Initiation Process without Consultation with Opposition

The proportional system with the zero threshold- "Georgian Dream" is starting from today the process of initiating the project on constitutional amendments. The presentation of the novelty will be held in a few hours without any consultation with the opposition.
The bureau session is scheduled today, where the signatures related to the initiative will be handed over to the Committee on Procedural Issues and Rules for the purpose of verifying their authenticity. Then, at the nearest plenary sitting of parliament, the issue of publishing the constitutional law project and creation of an organizational commission for universal public discussion will begin and the public hearing process will start.
"This is the best decision we have received from any government in our country regarding the electoral system, as it increases the possibility of more competitive Georgian policy, people who say they do not like abolishment of the blocks sign under their own weaknesses, That party, which can not get 15 thousand votes, I do not know how to find a place for the party in the legislative body. In the nearest future, public discussions will be held and after that, the draft law will be returned to the committee for committee discussions, "said Zaza Gabunia.