12 August 2022,   16:00
This event is a party event of "Georgian Dream" - part of the opposition will not attend the presentation of the proportional system

Proportional Elections with Zero Threshold- Part of the Opposition is not going to attend the presentation of the draft law of the ruling team. They consider consultations much more important than being in the role of statists.
" We will take part in this process only in the process of parliamentary discussions, and of course we will not participate when the "Georgian Dream" makes a presentation and this is a party event. The absence of the blocks is a problem and we will definitely take part in making the system better for the future, "said UNM member Giorgi Botkoveli.
The opponents of the government think that the issue of creation of blocks in the conditions of zero thresholds cannot be easily removed without discussion. They say that parties should have the opportunity to decide what they want to do in the elections.
"This event is the party event of the " Georgian Dream ", I do not see any need for our attendance there. Our position is publicly known. We can not give any reason to Ivanishvili"s team to stop this historic victory because of opposition, "Giga Bokeria, a member of the European Georgia, said.
Nevertheless, the opposition, in any case, is ready to support a significant constitutional amendment, so that the outcome of the long struggle of the public is not delayed.
" Movement for Building" is going to attend the presentation. According to party leader Davit Usupashvili, they are interested in finding out what the "Georgian Dream" is thinking about proportional elections.