18 August 2022,   12:26
Russia"s devastating impact on the occupied territories - "Amnesty International" presented the results of the survey

Russia"s devastating impact on the occupied territories and the occupation line - "Amnesty International" has published a one-year study. The report states that after the 2008 war, dividing lines created in Georgia create thousands of humanitarian problems.
Amnesty International has interviewed 150 in the border zone, beyond the occupied territories. The report contains all the facts and violations that the 2008 war has brought.
"Our Life Changed by Borderization" - starts the report saying that people are afraid to go to the graves because they are close to the barbed wires and they may be abducted.
The international organization introduced the document together with the Public Defender and NGOs. The report also includes recommendations. The conclusion was sent to both the Georgian authorities as well as to the Russian Federation. "Amnesty International" appeals to the Russian authorities to act immediately and prevent all humanitarian problems that the citizens face in the occupied territories after the 2008 war.
The experts attending the presentation of the report say that it is important that the international community put pressure on Russia.
"It is clear that the Russian authorities do not automatically fulfill the recommendations of" Amnesty International ", no one is naive and there is no expectation. The main thing here is to establish a specific vision and mood in the international community. Then the Russian government must report not only Amnesty International but also the international opinion of the West, "said Gia Nodia, chairman of the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development.
Giorgi Gogia, Director of the South Caucasus Representative for Human Rights Watch, said that Russia could not escape international obligations.