18 August 2022,   11:58
" Do you believe that Giorgi Gakharia told to shot in eyes and head?" - Kakha Kaladze asks journalist of Rustavi 2

"Nobody is above the law," -the Mayor of Tbilisi comments on the decision, according to which the authority of Giorgi Khakhishvili has been suspended.
Kakha Kaladze says that on June 20 there were separate violations and everyone, who violated the law will be held responsible.

"Everybody must be held accountable," said Kakha Kaladze.

On a question of Rustavi 2, if someone would dare to shot without the Minister"s order, the Mayor says that the Minister has already responded to the question.

"Do you believe that Giorgi Gakharia was telling to shot them in eyes and head? Do you believe it? The Minister answered as well at the meeting with journalists,"- Kakhi Kaladze said.