18 August 2022,   10:58
The biggest political mistake, a catastrophe, caused by a humiliating mistake - Matthew Bryzaabout "Garylov night"

"It"s a huge political mistake, it"s a catastrophe, which has been caused by a humiliating mistake," says the former high official of the US Secretary of State about Gavrilov"s night in Georgia.
Matthew Bryza believes that political responsibility should have been taken by Irakli Kobakhidze earlier and he should have immediately resigned. The American diplomat and the former high-ranking official of the State Department thinks that there is a reference to Russia.
According to Bryza, Russia is using old methods and cannot hide being surprised that the old tactics and strategy in Georgia are no longer efficient for the new generation. Matthew Bryza calls on the international community to give MAP to Georgia. According to Bryza, the main thing that Gavrilov"s night showed is the choice of the Georgian citizens, who see their future in the West. According to him, young people do not want Russian influence and will not give their own government the right to advance in the relationship with the occupant.