14 August 2022,   03:55
Maria Zaharova assesses the statement of TV presenter, Giorgi Gabunia

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zaharova responded to the statements made by the "Rustavi 2TV host against the Russian president".
Zaharova says that Georgia is facing a choice - either to choose a European course and then the rule of law must be recognized as the norms of conduct or to regulate its behaviour according to the traditions. Zakharova notes that there is none in Georgia at this stage either.
"All the talk about the traditions in Georgia are just talks. In a country where the law does not rule, traditions can play a fundamental and supportive role for the country and the people. There is nothing but folklore, nothing more. Either "Georgia is Europe" and in this case the laws must be recognized as the norms of conduct or it should be regulated by traditions that will play the role of regulator and deterrence. Now there is none. The glorious country is in the hands of its great traditions and idiot politicians, "says Zaharova.
The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to a statement made by Rustavi 2 journalist who cursed the Russian president in his own language.