14 August 2022,   04:37
53% of the Georgian population thinks that Giorgi Gakharia should resign - Ipsos research

The main political figure, whose name is linked to the recent cascade of violence is still in office. Giorgi Gakharia continues to be the Minister of Internal Affairs despite the fact that most of the public demands his resignation. Sociological studies also confirm the legitimacy of this request.
53% of the Georgian population thinks Gakharia should resign. The telephone survey of the Public mood conducted by Ipsos International Center for International Studies has become a subject of political discussion. The opposition thinks that after June 20 bloody events, the minister can not shift the responsibilities to the lower circles.
According to the "Courier", after the night of Gavrilov"s visit, the public mood towards the "Georgian Dream" has dramatically changed.
The ruling team today hides the results of its own sociological research and does not make it public. Irakli Kobakhidze says that Giorgi Gakharia will be dismissed if the prosecutor"s office finds his guilt.
According to Ipsos research, 52 percent of respondents favor positively the movement started after Gavrilov`s night.