14 August 2022,   05:05
700 000 GEL from the budget spent on Karasin-Abashidze"s meetings -"Transparency International Georgia"

Prime Minister"s Special Representative on the relations with Russia, Zurab Abashidze spent more than 700 thousand GEL from the budget on the meetings with Grigori Karasin. Transparency International Georgia publishes data about it.
According to the NGO, more than 492 thousand lari was spent on the salary, supplements, and bonuses of Zurab Abashidze in seven years. The cost of 33 trips comprised 115 thousand.
"Georgia-Russia relations is a part of the public interest, and therefore it was important for the society and we have to understand what money is spent from the state budget. Karasin-Abashidze format. From November 2012 to February 2019, more than 700 000 GEL is spent, out of which almost 500 000 was spent on salaries of Mr. Abashidze and the rest includes restaurant services, including consulting services, "said Mamuka Andghuladze, Program Manager for Transparency International Georgia.