14 August 2022,   03:42
"It was our western partners effort, not of the government" - Irakli Kobakhidze responds to the opposition

"The $ 4.5 billion aid that our Western partners have provided after the war has made it possible for the government. It was our western partners effort and not of the government," - Irakli Kobakhidze, executive secretary of "Georgian Dream" responds to the opposition statements. Opponents of the government say that the national currency was not even impaired in 2008, even during hostilities.
Irakli Kobakhidze declares that during the war, Georgia"s western partners provided $ 4.4 billion aid to the country.
Regarding the record loss of Lari, the member of the faction "Georgian Dream" states that the government works with the close coordination to the National Bank to solve the problem.
"You remember how hard the consequences of the 2008 war were and what was the outcome. It was about 4.5 billion dollars from our western partners to support the Georgia. It enabled our country to come out from the economic crisis. As for today"s situation, it is not surprising that this complication created after this provocation will have to bring out the relevant results on the course of the Lari, but we must take responsibility with these processes again and the task should be to get back the status quo we had one month ago. We have daily communication with the National Bank and we have to solve all these problems that can be linked to our national currency, " - said Irakli Kobakhidze.