06 October 2022,   20:45
Giorgi Gakharia escaped from the rear door of TV "Pirveli" building

Giorgi Gakharia is talking to the rally participants from the back door of Inga Grigolia"s studio. The Minister of Internal Affairs has not had a desire to meet and talk with civil activists today.
Prior to that, the Minister of Internal Affairs was met with the TV Company "TV Pirveli" building. Participants and organizers of the anti-occupation rally, who have been demanding the resignation of Giorgi Gakharia for 22 days, arrived at the TV station.
Doctor of mass communication of Ilia State University Nino Danelia criticized the Interior Minister, who did not leave the from the central exit. Danelia says if he does not resign, the "Georgian Dream" will not win elections in 2020.
Danelia says that the Interior Minister might be covering up Bidzina Ivanishvili.
"From now on we have a coward minister, he did not dare to leave from the central exit, he did not dare to look in the eyes of the people. This is a man who can talk with his own citizens only with rubber bullets, "Danelia said.
In the course of Inga Grigolia"s statement, Interior Minister criticized the protesters again and said they were trying to get into the Parliament with a storm. According to him, he signed the order of the dispersal of citizens.