20 September 2020,   21:48
"I remember the German ambassador and I think there were another ambassadors too" - Zalkaliani can not specify diplomats who were in Parliament during the raid

The Foreign Minister confirms that during the night of June 20, Ambassadors were presented in the Parliament, but he is not able to specify precise names. The minister says he only remembers the German ambassador.
According to Zalkaliani, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not make mobilization of ambassadors, they came to the Parliament according to their desire, which is not surprising.
"On June 20, the situation was changing very rapidly and the development of the processes was the subject of interest of ambassadors. We were not surprised, therefore we had constant communication with them. They have their own sources too. They were informed about the ongoing processes but one of the main function of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to provide diplomatic corps with the regular information. There was no fact of physical mobilization. Several ambassadors arrived there. I remember the ambassador of Germany and there were other ambassadors who came to me. There is nothing surprising here and this is a normal process, " - Davit Zalkaliani said.
Giorgi Gakhraia said yesterday in the political talk show "Reaction" of Inga Grigolia that during the night of June 20, he was accompanied by the ambassadors to monitor the process of raiding. "Courier" checked this information with the ambassador of several countries - the Kingdom of the Netherlands, USA, France, Romania, Estonia and Ukraine. All of them said that they were not in Parliament during the night of June 20.