13 August 2022,   16:09
The identical text of self-governments against Gabunia - Vice-President of Self-Government of Caucasus University leaves post

Vice-President of Self-Government of Caucasus University leaves the office. Luka Khabazishvili made this decision after the self-government of the three universities issued identical texts about Giorgi Gabunia"s monologue.

The case relates to the dissemination of three identical texts by three universities calling for a gathering in the yard after the monologue on "Rustavi 2" on July 8.
The announcement simultaneously disappeared from the web sites of all the universities.The plans were changed by the students" acute reaction to self-governments.
Luka Khabazishvili says that the text was not agreed with the students. According to him, the form of expression of Giorgi Gabunia is unacceptable, but the unreasonable announcement should not be the image of the university that has been apolitical for 21 years.
"The gross violation of the team principal is personally categorically unacceptable, distribution of responsibility to others and the completely identical copy of the text is unacceptable. The statement, as if it was agreed with the students, was posted on the self-governing page, but I still do not know who made a statement. This was one of the biggest mistakes made by the President of our University and I am leaving the position, "said Luka Khabazishvili.