06 October 2022,   20:36
"Alliance of Patriots" in Moscow - thanks to Putin and explanations about Gavrilov

Members of the "Alliance of Patriots" in Moscow - Giorgi Lomia thanked Vladimir Putin for his public and informal meeting. The main topic of discussion was the event of June 20.
During the face-to-face dialogue, members of the "Alliance of Patriots" explained to the members of the Russian Duma, what happened inside or outside of the Parliament. Giorgi Lomia convinced the Russian lawmakers that the arrival of Gavrilov in the parliament caused the protest, not of an outrageous and angry society but it was all the provocations arranged by destructive forces.
The chairman of the CIS Committee did not conceal that the decision of all the decisions of Russia were aimed to force the Georgian government to step in the process of rapprochement between the countries. Russia is ready to restore relations between the two countries.
At the informal meeting, which was attended by only three members of the "Alliance of Patriots" from Georgia, the sanctions imposed by Putin also were discussed.
At another informal meeting, Ada Marshania asked the occupying country to hold a dialogue with Abkhazians and Ossetians. According to her, Russia has great authority in these people. Ada Marshania received consent from Russian colleagues."Alliance of Patriots" finished their meetings in the Duma, but announced that they will again go to Moscow and hold a dialogue with the Duma members.