14 August 2022,   07:52
Bloody raid of June 20 and the investigation launched against Nika Melia - UNM informs diplomats about the situation

Leaders of the "United National Movement" are discussing the ongoing developments in the country and the developments of June 20 together with representatives of the diplomatic corps.

Members of the opposition will provide them with video material on so-called " Gavrilov"s Night".
Members of the opposition party say that diplomats should know the real picture of the ongoing processes in Georgia. According to them, the information will question the version of the government. Salome Samadashvili, the deputy chairperson of "United National Movement", is going to talk with diplomats about criminal prosecution against Nika Melia.

Samadashvili says that on June 20, the rally outside the Parliament building was peaceful and the opposition members did not have any attempt to overthrow the government.

Samadashvili speaks about the necessity of establishment of an investigative commission and says that in other cases the government will not investigate the case.