12 August 2022,   15:47
I thought you were a pro-Georgian channel - Lavrov responds to the question of "Courier" to German Minister of Foreign Affairs

"I thought you were a pro-Georgian channel, "- Sergey Lavrov answered the question of the Rustavi 2 journalist to the German Foreign Minister regarding the independent media.
After the journalist"s announcement that she represents the pro-Western media, the Russian diplomat cynically noted that he thought it was pro-Georgian.
The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry recently demanded that Rustavi 2 be punished. Today he says he does not know what the European Court of Human Rights has decided but claims that Moscow wants to be a friend of Georgian people.
"When my German colleague asked what he thought about the existence of independent pro-western media in Georgia, do you think that only pro-western media can be independent? Courier journalist: I mentioned that our channel is pro-Western.
Lavrov: I thought you were pro-Georgian. I do not know what decision the Strasbourg Court has in relation to the ownership. This is an internal matter of Georgia, you have your legislation, and all internal affairs should be resolved in accordance with the law ".